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On the Road Again


Getting out the door for a trip is always an adventure in and of itself. There’s the inevitable Case of Too Many Blankets. There’s the drama of Saying Goodbye to the Dog. The mystery of What Am I Forgetting? (Even with my lists, I sometimes have this problem.)

Today recalled a brief scene from Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back. There’s a short exchange between Han and Chewy that goes a little something like this:

Chewy: Rrrwwaarrll!

Han: What are you doing? We’re trying to get out of here and you’ve…

Chewy: Rrraawwwrrll!

Han: Put it back, now!

In today’s re-enactment of that scene, I played the role of Han, and all four of my dear children played the role of well-intentioned Wookiees, gumming up the works.

*deep sigh*

But! We are, in fact, on the road again and headed West. Spring break is officially here and we’re en route to Texas.

I always enjoy these week-long spring break trips in the Monkey Barrel. It feels like a practice run for the upcoming summer trip, and a chance for me to mentally re-evaluate how things are organized, what needs to be changed, what should be added or removed.

I hope you’ll follow along during this week. We’re wanting to revisit old haunts and make new discoveries. Also, if you have a favorite spot in Texas, I’d love to hear about it!

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