Weather Photos

For some reason, I love taking photos of impending storms.  As long as we can escape them (and to date, thankfully, we have), I find them arrestingly beautiful.  So, I thought I would share some of my favorite weather photos.

Somewhere in Wyoming

Wyoming, trying to outrun the storm
Wyoming, deciding not to boondock on public land was the right decision

Rest area in Northwest New Mexico. Cloud cover didn’t look too bad when we stopped…
Got a little worse the longer we stayed…
Definitely time to hit the road!
We became unintentional storm chasers, but fortunately, nothing worse than wind and heavy rain. When you’re from Mississippi, your mind always goes to hailstorms and tornadoes. Anything less than that is a blessing.
St Augustine, Florida. Not an Airstream trip, but the weather was really stunning while we were there.
After a day of driving through rain, seeing this double rainbow as we pulled into a Walmart parking lot was a sight for rain-weary eyes. The rain made boondocking in this northwest Texas bearable as it brought fresh, cooler air that night.

Becoming a better photographer is one of my 2019 goals, so posting these images helps to motivate me. Hopefully, I’ll look back on this post in a year and see improvement!

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